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Monday, December 5, 2016 · 7:31 PM


Ahlmann wins with clever tactic

The 41 years old German Christian Ahlmann is having a great run. The leader of the World Cup qualification won the Longines Grand Prix with a price winning money in total of 330 000 Swiss Francs at the 7th CSI Basel aboard Codex One with a clever tactic in the jump-off. Ahlmann was the only one of the three riders in the jump-off without any faults. Pénélope Leprevost with Vagabond de la Pomme, fourth of the European Championship, finished second after one mistake. The defending champion Luciana Diniz was dethroned after two rails down with Fit for Fun in the jump-off and was third in the final ranking. Ahlmann, the Grand Prix winner in Aachen 2014, made the first German triumph in Basel and received 75 000 Swiss Francs, Leprevost won 75 000 and DIniz 50 000 Swiss Francs. Four Swiss had good clear first rounds, but no one reached the jump-off after the second round. All of them had faults. Best Swiss was Jane Richard Philips with Pablo de Virton as tenth with the rail down at the fourth obstacle. Claudia Gisler missed at an oxer and finished twelfth. Martin Fuchs failed at a vertical and was 14th, just in front of Werner Muff with Pollendr, who had a stop and fell back to place 15.

Only Denis Lynch stopped Romain Duguet

The same as on Friday in the Championat of Basel on Saturday: it was also a foreign rider that prevented the first Swiss victory at the 7. Longines CSI Basel. The Irish rider Denis Lynch won the tough competition of the Hotels Les Trois Rois of his supporter Thomas Straumann with Abbervail in the jump-off. 16 hundredths behind him Roman Duguet aboard Twentytwo des Biches was second. With his bronze medal horse from the European Championship, Castlefield Ecplise, Paul Estermann as second Swiss rider was in the jump-off. With one mistake he finished as eighth. Also in the rankings were the Swiss riders Daniel Etter with Kheops du Roset (10.) and Werner Muff with Fleur (11.). The 7th Longines CSI Basel is also the tournament of the rider in police uniform: Emanuele Gaudiano. The South Italian that lives in Frankfurt since ten years won the hunting competition with his fast mare Cocoshynsky after his first triumph on Thursday. In the main competition of the day he was the fastest in the jump-off, but with one rail down he finished as seventh.

A Scot in front of three Swiss

The final of the International Amateur Competition, with a total price winning money of 25’000 Swiss Francs, was won by a Scot, followed by three Swiss. 25 years old Jason Smith took the lead with his Hanoverian mare Gleen Love in the jump-off with seven obstacles. The Swiss Salome Lüdi, Bryan Balsiger and Thomas Buholzer finished on the places of honour. Smith had a perfect round and as last rider in the jump-off he was nearly a second faster than Salome Lüdi, who had the lead before. The Scot is working as a trainer since half a year in the sport stables of Tina Pol in Steinhausen. Before that, he got experience during three years as a trainer for Pius Schwizer in Oensingen and for Andrea Sigrist Murphy and Kevin Murphy in Root, in the canton Lucerne. Tina Pol bought the fast horse four years ago and was pleased with the success of our part-time employee. Jason, who speaks the German language very good, makes a harmonizing team with his colleague, the Slovakian rider Bronislav Chudyba. For the favourite rider Iris Gautschi, the final was disappointing. In the first days in Basel she had two double victories. In the final the 24 years old rider from the canton Zürich had 16 points for her mistakes in the initial course with Naiade d'Auvers.

Simone Delestre wins the Golden Drum of Basel

It was the French rider Simon Delestre that prevented the first Swiss victory in the Championat of Basel at the 7th Longines CSI in the St. Jakobshalle. Niklaus Rutschi only shortly missed the price winning money of 18 750 Swiss Francs and the Golden Drum. “I’m very proud of my horse and the second place” stated the rider from the canton Lucerne. He was the only Swiss that was in the jump-off with 5 600 spectators. “I wanted to ride ahead, but not too fast. Windsor should also be in good condition for the Grand Prix on Sunday.” He was only 75 hundredth behind the 2nd of the world ranking. Delestre, 3rd at the European Championship, risked a lot and nearly flew over the six obstacles in the jump-off. Rutschi, he was 3rd in last year’s Championat from Basel, was not quarrelling when he was finished. He was smiling, knowing he was only one hundredth in front of Luciana Diniz from Portugal. With Winningmood she finished 3rd. Besides Rutschi only one further Swiss Rider, Adrian Schmid, living nearby in Boll in Germany, was 13th with Alcazar Sitte in the ranking. He missed the jump-off with only a slight time fault.

Kevin Staut - a class of its own

The french rider Kevin Staut was a class of his own in the first main competition of the 7th Longines CSI Basel. The European Champion of 2009 won the Prize of the Bank J. Safra Sarasin with his dutch mare Elky with nearly two seconds faster than the the Spanish rider Sergio Alvarez Moya with Carlo, last year’s winner of the World Cup class in Zürich. The swiss riders did not manage to get on the podium, but with five riders within the first nine they had a great team result. Best swiss was Jane Richard Philips that lives in Italy, with Dieudonne de Guldenboom, followed by Paul Estermann with Lord Pepsi and Martin Fuchs aboard Clooney. They finished all in all as fourth, fifth and sixth. Two further swiss among the 53 competitors were Werner Muff aboard Fleur as eight and Adria Schmid with Alcazar Sitte as ninth. In total 12 finished the tough course clear. A “carabinieri” was best in the first of nine courses counting for the world ranking. The 29-year-old Emanuele Gaudiano had a great victory. With his Westphalia mare Cocoshynsky the rider from South Italy who is living in Frankfurt since ten years, had the fastest clear round.

Steve Guerdat and Scott Brash not in Basel

The 7th Longines CSI Basel starts on Thursday without Olympic winner Steve Guerdat and the first of the world ranking, Scott Brash. Brash withdrew in short-term and Guerdat is giving Nino de Buissonnets a break. "The CSI Basel doesn’t match my planning for the Olympic Games. After winning the Grand Prix in Geneva this season he will not compete at any indoor tournaments. Therefor he will also be missing at the CSI Zürich. I am focussing on the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro” commented Steve Guerdat his rejection. His mare Albführen's Paille is injured and the young horses Corbinian and Kavalier will not be strained. The welfare of the horse always has first priority for the rider.

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